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February 24, 2012

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Grpyhon Metal01-03-05

Review for Show

Roger! thanks. It’s me again from the balcony. All in all i appreciated too the show given by Dawn of Disease, a very good way to open this edition. Davidian now! First time i see them live.

Davidian is a German band whose image and fan-platform is growing enormously and not by chance. They have participated to shows and festival of first quality and are included in the German cult compilation The Reaper comes (IV volume) published form Heavy Record Horses. I’m gladly to say that their show , this evening, not only confirms all those positive impressions i got reviewing their album but it is even able to reinforce them. It remains that their influences from Metallica are very evident, but thanks all saints it is really influence only, especially noticeable in the way of singing; they remind me so much of the old Metallica era. This is a compliment! As Lamb of God have totally reinvented and recycled Pantera for example, they could really re-invent Metallica. That discrepancy i found between texts and music, seems totally cancelled in the live show. Their vigorous, intensive and tight Thrash can shine.

Davidian presents also a decent (this is to say adequate) mobility, while the moments of synchronic headbanging are spectacular enough considering that these long haired guys absolutely have the famous “physique du rôle” . Moreover they are energetic, precise, elastic and look professional. Already very trained. Like i presumed from the CD “Abuse of Power”, i can only gladly see that i was right: they are actually ready for any touring, first of all cause they are a band that shows no effort. A band that doesn’t get tired. They proceed heavy and lively like the firebox of a steam locomotive pumping fuel in the crowd. pumping up that vitality and strength typical of the Metal Forces. Heads are banging, applauses and good vibes are raising high. The only flaw comes again from sound, the drumming jumps out sporadically too much in foreground while the guitars at times are melted too much, but , on the whole, this is a very good performance under every point of view. I like to underline Davidian’s words in memory of “Dimebag” Darrell. Dimebag , rest in peace!

[ Review by Dalia Di Giacomo / Gryphonmetal ]