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Current Release Our Fear Is Their Force
Massacre Records
February 24, 2012


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Rock Realms03-23-12

Interview with Davidian

Questions asked by Jon Wilde, added to Rock Realms 23rd March 2012.
German metal outfit Davidian recently released their 3rd album “Our Fear Is Their Force” on Massacre Records. It was jolly listenable to, so I had a chat with the drummer of the band, Alex, to find out more.

Jon: Hi Alex, thanks for taking a moment to answer these questions. Hope you are well?

Alex: Alex: Hello everybody! Yes we´re all well, thanks!

J: How did Davidian form, and what’s the musical history of the various members?

A: Davidian was founded around 2000 first as a cover band and soon it developed its own style. I played in a power metal band before I came to Davidian, Tobi shouted for a deathcore band and Micha played in an Swedish death metal band before and alongside Davidian. Training for us is beer, sex and tv haha ;)

Jon: Who would you list as the band’s early influences?

Alex: Some of the earlier influences for most of the members have been for example Slayer, Megadeth, Death, Pantera, Annihilator etc. We listened to a lot of different kinds of metal and hard rock since we were little kids.

J: Did you know what sound the band should have right at the start, or has it developed a lot since then?

A: It has developed and it still develops today. We jammed in the rehearsal room and so the songs were created. And so today, we play the sound we want to play, out of our minds and our hands. And this is how it should be.

Jon: How would you actually describe your sound to somebody who hadn’t heard you before?

Alex: Like a car accident :) No, i think we would describe it as a raw, powerful metal performance, not very genre bounded, with melodies, groove and speed.

J: Your new album “Our Fear Is Their Force” has just come out. How do you feel it compares in terms of sound and quality to your two previous releases “Abuse Of Power” and “Hear Their Cries”?

A: You hear the development on every album. Every album was the best we can do at this time when it was written/recorded. Of course you hear the experience in between those albums, the different productions, the ability in songwriting and so on…

Jon: Where do you look for your lyrical and musical inspirations?

Alex: Social, political and religious problems are mostly the themes of our lyrics. Look out of the window, look in the tv, go on the streets, there you´ll find enough inspiration for lyrical themes. Musical inspirations are everything we hear every day from Tesseract and Bring Me The Horizon to Whitechapel and Meshuggah.

J: How do you go about writing songs? Talk us through the construction of a typical track…

A: Mostly the guitar players jam some riffs at home, they send them to everybody with some programmed ideas of drumtracks, we listen to it, play some licks to it, suggestions are made what we can do better. The songs will be jammed in the rehearsal room and when we think everything fits well we play it over and over again to learn it.

Jon: Do you do anything special in the studio to get your sound?

Alex: No, we tried out a lot of things and we have chosen what fits to our imagination of a good metal sound. One special thing maybe was that the drums on “Our Fear Is Their Force” were recorded in an old, empty swimming pool at Tue Madsen´s Antfarm studio in Denmark, so it has a little kind of live-vibe, because of the reverb effect of the pool etc.

J: What are your favourite moments on the new album?

A: The time before it begins and the time after its over – no, just kidding :)… i think this album is full of good moments. From the intro, to the extreme double bass parts, to the melodic choruses or even the hardcore parts or breakdowns.

Jon: Tell us about your current touring plans…and what one of your shows is like.

Alex: There are no concrete touring plans yet. We´re searching for a good booking agency to work with! Our live show is a 40 minute blast and everybody should come out and start a moshpit with us :)!

J: What have been the highlights of your musical life so far?

A: There have been many highlights. The show at Summer Breeze Open Air last year, the show with Hatebreed in Switzerland, the studio recording of our new album with Tue Madsen in Denmark, the record deal with Massacre Records or even the moment when you walk in a big music market, like Saturn or Media Markt, in a city far away from your home and you see your new album standing regularly for sale right between all the big bands you listen to :)

Jon: Any question you love being asked that I’ve missed? If so, what’s the answer?

Alex: What kind of pants do you wear at the moment? None ;) haha

J: What are you up to once you’ve finished answering these questions?

A: Jerking off. no, bullshit :). Going to make breakfast with boiled eggs, it´s 11.30 am in the morning!

J: Anything else you would like to mention?

A: Thank´s a lot for this interview, thanks everyone for checking us out! Visit us at Facebook, like the page and buy our new record! Hope to see you out there anytime! Stay metal and support good handmade music!

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