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Current Release Our Fear Is Their Force
Massacre Records
February 24, 2012


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Highwire Daze05-07-12

The Metal Force Known as Davidian

In the summer of 2011, the mighty Davidian from Germany won an opportunity to play an opening slot at the world famous Summer Breeze Festival, kicking off the event with a super intensive set in the party tent. Since that time, Massacre Records has signed the band, and Our Fear Is Their Force has assaulted eardrums all over the planet. Here is an interview we recently conducted with one of the Davidian’s to find out more about this powerful collective and their scorching tunes. Read on…

Kenneth: Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Davidian, and how long the band has been together?

Alex: Hello everybody! This is Alex and I play the drums for Davidian. Davidian was founded around 2000 first as a cover band of some pupils and soon it developed its own style. First own songs were written, first demos recorded, musicians came in and out, first gigs played, first reviews were written and so on…

K: Where is the band based out of and what is your local metal scene like there?

A: The band is based out of the Stuttgart-region, south western Germany, we all live within 150 km of this area. The local metal scene here is good, but not as good as in other regions in Germany. Some bands here and there, even some good bands, some clubs around, some concerts and so on… But the people here are sometimes very egoistic, arrogant, jealous and spoiled. There are definitely others regions where metal fans are more in solidarity than here.

K: Is there any story or concept behind the CD title Our Fear Is Their Force?

A: Yes, there´s a story behind this album title. The fear we’re talking about is not only related to religion. With fear you can control people and there are a lot of examples. Most of us fear the thought of losing our job and our bosses know that. So why should he raise your wage? He knows you’re not leaving because of the fear of insecurity. The fear of becoming ill and jobless, pushes people into panic so as a result, they take out a whole heap of insurance schemes and when the first flu is on TV, you run to the pharmacy and buy every possible drug to fight it.
If you’re terminally ill and there’s no chance of recovery, you start praying to something that will help you recover or you want to believe that there is something better waiting for you. So if someone can give you that hope, you’ll pay for it.
Right now it’s even like if you have cheap clothing, an old mobile phone or something that’s not 100% up to date, you fear that you will be excluded by others.
Through the fear we have, we give people the force to control us. That’s how business works. And that’s the concept behind our title.

K: Please select any two songs from the new CD and what inspired the lyrical content.

A: Fake Society for example is a song which is about the false, plastic society around us today. The society made by the industry, the TV for example.
Manmade Hell is about the kind of “hell on earth” we create in mankind every day, concerning corrupt politics, wars, poverty and so on. An endless list.

K: How did the cooperation with Massacre Records come about?

A:The classical way: As recordings for our new album were finished, we started writing to record companies, sending them some snippets of our new songs etc. and after a while, Massacre Records called that they want to work with us.

K: What could one expect from a live Davidian show?

A: I think you could describe it as a raw, powerful metal performance, not very genre bounded, with melodies, groove and speed that makes you headbang and start a moshpit : – )!

K: What was the experience like playing the Summer Breeze Festival and who were some of the other bands on the bill?

A: It was a very great experience to play at Summer Breeze Fest in general. People, staff, sound, bands and even the weather was great! We had a good time there and of course we showed up in the pits of some of our favourite bands such as: As I Lay Dying, Hatebreed, Aborted, Bolt Thrower, Suicidal Tendencies, Decapitated, The Haunted, Neaera and many more.

K: What was it like supporting bands such as Hatebreed and Vader and were they cool to hang out with?

A: It´s very cool to play support shows for such bands, bands you’ve been listening to since you were a kid : – ) ! It´s always nice to meet some of the band members backstage, like watching a show of another band together, having a cold beer, a little bit of small talk or taking some pics as a memory :-) . Most of the bands we played with are very nice and cool people. In my opinion, the bigger the band, the nicer they are. Not always, but very often. Piotr of Vader or Jasta and Frank of Hatebreed, Phil from Machine Head or Willie of Lamb Of God for example are very nice people that don´t look down on you. But I met some other examples too, I don´t wanna name these well known dudes :-)

K: Who did the cover art for Our Fear Is Their Force and how much input did you have on it?

A: The cover artwork of our new album “Our Fear Is Their Force” was made by Björn Gösses of killustraions. He did an awesome job of the artwork of our last album and so we decided to work with him again. We had our own ideas regarding the theme of the new artwork, the basic information or background story and Björn built up the artwork around these ideas and information. He sent us his ideas and so the final artwork developed.

Kenneth: Germany is famous for their BEER!!!What is your favorite German beer and why?

A: Yeah, a beer questions, best questions by far : – ) ! Yeah, “Gebraut nach deutschem Reinheitsgebot” is a very cool thing ; – ) !
It´s a science! We have so many good beers in Germany and so many breweries, but we also tested out a lot as you can imagine and I gotta say that one of my favourite beers out of Germany is “Tannenzäpfle” from “Rothaus Bräu. It´s a Pils made in the legendary Black Forest, not far from here. Some of my bandmates actually prefer “Stuttgarter Hofbräu”, the biggest brewery in Stuttgart. In Bavaria, Munich for example, you get very good Wheat Beer, Yeast Wheat beer or Blackale, but the best beer you´ll get in unfamous, private little house breweries, that´s “beer heaven” : – )!

K: Will Massacre be re-releasing any of your earlier albums – and looking back, what do you think of the earlier albums now?

A: We haven´t talked with Massacre Records yet to re-release our older albums, but it´s actually possible for the future. We stand behind all of our old albums, it stands for the best we could do at the time when it was written/recorded. But you hear the difference, mainly in sound and songwriting, between every album. So, with time your point of view on different things changes a bit. So the result of this is called development and I think you hear that on very Davidian album.

K: Any chance of Davidian making their way over to the States to do some shows?

A: Book us! Get us a good booker and we´ll head over to the U.S. as soon as we can : – ) ! Some people say our future could be in the U.S. market and people there will like us. Hopefully we can make it happen that we play in America one day.

K: Any final words of wisdom?

A: Don´t rip the music you love by downloading it for free in shitty portals! If you call yourself a fan of heavy music, if you´re a real rocker, buy the music from the bands you like and support the scene!!

K: Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions!

A: Thanks a lot to you Ken for the interest in making this interview with us and thanks a lot to everybody for reading this! Stay metal, stay brutal! Cheers!

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