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Current Release Our Fear Is Their Force
Massacre Records
February 24, 2012

CD Review

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Review for album: Our Fear Is Their Force

Blessed as I am to get to listen to many great albums whilst reviewing for Planetmosh there occasionally comes along an offering of such monumental and brutally bludgeoning power that I’m lifted and thrown across the room, this my friends is that offering.

Formed in late 2003 and quickly followed by a self released album ‘Abuse Of Power’ Germany’s Davidian soon threw down the gauntlet to all others in the Melodic Death/ Thrashcore genre. A second album appeared in 2007 ‘Hear Their Cries’ which further cemented their growing reputation on the German scene, followed by extensive live shows including support slots to Hatebreed and Whitechapel amongst others. The addition of vocalist Tobi Brausch before heading into the studio to record ‘Our Fear…’, was a masterstroke which signalled the bands intention to break big time along with signing to Massacre Records to help make the final push.

And so here we are, surely witnessing the bands finest hour to date, from opening track ‘F.S.O.’ the pace and audiological assault is simply relentless, Tobi’s vocals are immense, high pitch screaming followed by growls so low they scrape the floor. Driven by the twin guitar dynamics of Alex Schneipp and Micha Weidler, Tim Hinderer on bass and completed by the skin pounding of Alex Scherf on drums, this is Thrashcore of the finest, highest order. Tracks such as ‘Manmade Hell’,’Vicious Circle’ and ‘Fake Society’ are among the best crafted songs of this genre that you will ever have the pleasure of listening to. I could and should compliment every track but I’ll leave it to you to have the enjoyment.
If you like Lamb Of God, Hatebreed, etc. you will worship Davidian.

[ Review by Simon Bower / Planetmosh ]