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Current Release Our Fear Is Their Force
Massacre Records
February 24, 2012

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Infernal Masquerade04-30-12

Review for album: Our Fear Is Their Force

Delivering a pummeling aural assault, today we have Davidian and their extreme “Our Fear Is Their Force” release. Featuring brutal guitars, hellish vocals and a very intense drumming, this is probably one of the best Thrashcore/Groove Metal releases we have reviewed in a while.

After the momentum building intro track “F.S.O”, the band quickly explodes into an all-out riffing war with “Behind An Angelic Smile”. The production behind this release is massive and makes speakers shake due to the sheer power behind the guitar work and harsh singing. The band’s sound borders between groovy and melodic, making it very effective and punishing. Some keyboards hints in tracks like “Manmade Hell” nicely give unexpected twists to the band’s pummeling songs.

“Desperate Cries”, “Fake Society”, “Vicious Circle” and “Constricted Vision” keep breaking down the listener’s morale with an onslaught of brutality with some nice melodic touches. The deep growls are excellent and most of the time they are nicely contrasted by the harsh screams presented. There is a bit of linearity in this release since a few of the songs sound alike, but the sheer brutality behind the band’s sound is enough to keep us engaged and ready to headbang at any moment.

Our favorite track of the album is the considerably slower and more melodic “Freedom of Choice”. We particularly like how the band can step back and deliver a very catchy and powerful track with lush keyboards. If you are looking for something in-between brutal and melodic, “Our Fear Is Their Force” is the release for you. The band does go into some endless loops and some tracks feel a bit repetitive, but overall this release is very well crafted and heavy enough to keep everybody happy..

[ Review by Dark Emperor / Infernal Masquerade ]